1. Tuesday, 11th October 2016

    Employee Onboarding – Starting them off on the right note

    By jolin Nguyen in Onboarding Techniques

    Employee Onboarding – Starting them off on the right note


    As individuals who have gone though employee onboarding, what are your thoughts on it? Was the employment onboarding a fruitful one? Did you and your employer have a productive two-way communication addressing relevant topics? Are your expectations, interests, goals addressed? 

    Likewise, as employers who initiated employee onboarding, was it effective in integrating employees to their new role? Was it difficult to communicate the organisation’s vision to the new employee? Did you manage to establish a common ground? 

    If this whole employee onboarding thing seems complicated and daunting, do not fret.
    This article provides useful advice on how to start new employees on the right note for your organisation.

    Let us strive together and aim for fruitful employee onboardings! 

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